How to Install Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a gorgeous addition to any home, however, you do have to know what you are doing when it comes to installation. If you’re a Georgia resident, you may have considered installing yourself or finding a company that does hardwood installation in Cumming GA. Either way, there are important things to know about hardwood floor installation.

Hardwood flooring consists of planks of wood that sometimes have repeated patterns. The planks are made of either solid or laminated wood, depending on the desired effect, and are installed using adhesives specially made for floors, or with nails.

Hardwood planks are available in a variety of colors and patterns, and are very durable and relatively cheap in comparison with other types of flooring. It can make the décor of any room stand out.

The first thing that needs to happen before installation is cleaning the floor. This means getting rid of paint, sealants, adhesives or other residues left behind. The floor should be completely dry before installing the new floor. You also should be sure that the floor is level to avoid future problems with the floor.

Now, you need to mark the center of each wall. Using chalk or some sort of similar material, draw lines connecting opposite walls. Then, place the planks on the ground. You should start where the two lines drawn intercept perpendicularly. Lay them out. Then, apply adhesive. Make sure you put enough on the ground to place the next eight panels in each direction.

Now, fit each piece into the other, making sure that they are well connected and that the adjacent panel is already connected on the floor. When the planks are well aligned, place the next plank on the adhesive.

Repeat the process, placing eight panels at a time until the entire floor is covered. Then, you can measure and cut the remaining panels to fill in the gaps at the walls.