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Review Of Sean Nalewanyj Muscle Gain Truth


How much time do you have to spend a day, and a week, to get the pumped up body you want? Follow Sean Nalewanyj’s Muscle Gain Truth program, and you need only spend an hour a day, three days a week, to build the body of your dreams. Okay – it’ll take a little bit more – those hours have to consist of high-intensity training, and your days off have to consist of proper eating to build muscle, but Sean Nalewanyj sets out the Muscle Gain Truth program in such a way that you know it’s doable from day one.

The Training Section

Sean’s training program does more than list exercises and the sets and reps for each. He is intent on explaining to the user exactly what each exercise accomplishes, and why. He informs and educates as well as instructs. That’s why this section is called “Structuring the Perfect Workout.” Sean Naleawnyj discusses the importance of warming up and stretching (which he advises the reader to do at the end of the workout, not before) to the best exercises to choose for the goals you’ve set. He also emphasizes topics that are often neglected – the importance of proper breathing and the importance of rest and recovery to ensure that the muscles are allowed to benefit from their workout. (Indeed, he devotes a whole chapter to that important topic.)

The beauty of Sean Nalewanyj’s Muscle Gain Truth program is that you need only perform three workouts a week, and that each workout need last only an hour. (Any more than an hour is counter-productive.) However, there is a catch – each workout has to be an intense one – and Sean explains just what intensity means and how to achieve it.

The Cardio Section

If there is a flaw in the book, it’s that Sean doesn’t really deal with cardio at all. In talking about warming up he says, “Perform 5 minutes of light cardio” in order to warm up – and that’s the entire mention of cardio. What cardio is, how it differs from aerobics, why (or even if) it’s necessary for complete fitness, isn’t mentioned.

The Dieting Section

Sean pays a good deal to nutrition (i.e., proper diet) in his book, which only makes sense as muscles can’t grow to optimal size unless they’re given the proper nutrients to do so. As Sean states, “Nutrition is probably the most overlooked aspect of the muscle-building process and this is the area where most people fail miserably.” To ensure that you don’t fail, Sean provides his own dieting regime. There’s no need to go hungry here, in order to build muscle mass it’s necessary to eat (the proper foods, i.e. protein) every two-to-three hours, or five-to-seven times a day. Eating smaller meals (for example one meal would consist of a protein shake and a bowl of oatmeal) allows your body to metabolize the nutrients in the food faster. In addition to telling you what to eat, Sean Nalewanyj also points out when to eat – when your muscles will most need those nutrients – “Morning nutrition, pre-workout nutrition, post-workout nutrition, and pre-bedtime nutrition.”

The Supplements Section

Most supplements on the market today are worthless, and Sean points this out in his chapter on “Supplementing for Massive Gains.” Sean makes it clear – if you want to build a massive musculature it is not absolutely mandatory to use supplements. But it sure does help, if you take t he right ones – and Sean lists what those are. Once again, however, he tells you more than what supplements to take, he also explains why.

The Bonuses

Sean Nalewanyj covers the topic so thoroughly in his book that you wouldn’t think there’d be any need for bonuses, but of course there are and the ones he provides are pretty sweet.

1) The “26-Week Workout Guide” outlines your exact workout for 26 weeks – the exercises, sets and reps for each. It also includes logbook you can printout and take to the gym.

2) Don’t know the exact way to perform an exercise? Sean Nalewanyj provides the “Perfect Technique” online database consisting of detailed written descriptions of each exercise, plus videos in which he demonstrates each one. This is a great resource in itself.

3) Confused about your diet plans? No need – Sean also gives you 9 different muscle building meal plans, each one twelve-weeks in duration. Nine different plans for nine different calorie levels — from 2,000 to 6,000. No guesswork here – not even when it comes to preparing the meals themselves.

4) Then you can feast your eyes on Sean’s Muscle Building Video Lessons. There are six of these, online, each targeting a different muscle group. Sean shows you how to structure your workout for each of these groups, ensuring that you’ll receive the full benefit possible from each workout. There’s nothing like watching the pros in action.

5) The “MGT Progress Tracker 6000” software, which enables you to keep track of your gains and your improving body composition, is included as well and is another sweet feature, which will make your workouts that much easier. In addition to tracking your workouts, this software also enables you to plan your meals and create shopping lists…everything you could think of tracking is trackable with this software. You receive a three-month membership to this online software, free.

6) And then there’s the “Personal Trainer Database.” If you have a question of any kind – you type it into the question box…and you’ll get an answer back from the database automatically. This saves quite a bit of time, obviously. If you ask a question that isn’t in the database – Sean Nalewanyj Muscle Gain Truth program will answer it personally – and add it to the database for the benefit of others. Now you might think that would be enough, but Sean adds six more pieces to the bonus. Some of these are more valuable than others.

One extremely valuable bonus is ebook guide, “Personalized Workout Plans”, designed for those individuals who struggle with various injuries or that limit their abilities in certain areas. If you’ve got shoulder, back, or knee problems, this guide will show you how to work around them in the most efficient way.

There’s also a two-and-a-half hour audio, “The Top 12 Bodybuilding Mistakes Revealed”. These are 12 mistakes you don’t want to make – your time and effort is to precious to sabotage by improper technique or behavior. There’s an hour-long video of Sean performing his own workouts – so you can see the master in motion.

There’s an online community for like-minded individuals – The Muscle Building and Fat Loss Inner Circle (MFIC). (When you order the package, you also have the option to upgrade to the “Silver Package,” which comes with another six ebooks and features that I don’t have room to describe here. There’s also a “Gold Package” which includes 12 weeks of one-on-one personal email coaching from Sean.)


Not much to complain about here. As I said above, he doesn’t really spend enough time discussing cardio/aerobic aspects which are a necessary part of any body building plan. As far as the ebook, it would be nice if the sections listed in the table of contents were “hotlinked” to the sections themselves, but that’s a mere bagatelle.


A five-star program. What else is there to say that hasn’t been covered in this review? Sean Nalewanyj in Muscle Gain Truth knows what he’s talking about and presents his information in a non-nonsense, straightforward manner. Once you pick up this program, your success will be only 26 weeks away.